NAU Traffic Signal Alternatives
Public Involvement
The University Corridor is utilized by mainly Northern Arizona University students and faculty.  The public involvement included
professional interviews and a public survey.  These studies will greatly influence the project’s recommendations because they
are the opinions of the main stakeholders of this corridor, and professionals in the transportation field.

Public surveys were conducted via internet using  Over 150 surveys were taken of students and faculty from
NAU.   These interviews have given an oversight of how NAU’s student and faculty opinions vary on concerning this

Results from this survey concluded a few trends in public opinion.  Most people that took the survey believe that traffic
violations at this corridor happen frequently (42% say they whiteness a traffic violation 3 or more times in one week).  There is
also a trend that 75% people believe the signals are adequately servicing the pedestrians while only 61% of people believe
that the vehicles are being serviced adequatelay.  When asked how to improve the corridor, the majority of the survey group
believed that a pedestrian overpass bridge should be built.

Two interviews of professional traffic engineers were conducted, and from them, many alternatives were conjured up and
injected into the research of alternatives.  These interviews were also done to ensure that all the possible software available
would be used and have accurate results.

Jeff Bauman was interviewed and has the credentials of being the Flagstaff City Traffic Engineer with over 15 years’
experience in the field of transportation.  Dr. Edward Smaglik was also interviewed; he is a transportation instructor for NAU
with an emphasis on intersections design and timing.  He provided many insights throughout the entire project.
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