SRP Thermal Mass Project Description

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The Salt River Project (SRP) is a company dedicated to developing a sustainable future for our community by providing affordable water and power to more than 2 million households in central Arizona. As one of the major public electricity utilities in the United States, SRP is committed to fulfilling our customers' evolving requirements while promoting environmental responsibility. With peak loads during the summer months driven primarily by air conditioning demand, SRP intends to investigate novel options to cut power costs and improve energy efficiency.

Our group contributes to the mission at SRP by developing a thermal mass designed to store energy in the form of a cold mass. By cooling the mass during the day when solar energy production is high and dischargine the cold with air conditioning during the evening and night, energy costs are cut.


This project is sponsored by the Salt River Project (SRP), a not-for-profit organization providing electricity to central Arizona. The team members attend Northern Arizona University, and more information can be found in the About Us section.


This project presents a report on a design for a mass used to store cold thermal energy.


This project is designed for homes under the Salt River Project in Maricopa County Arizona.


High energy load requirements in the evening cause high prices for homes to cool homes. This design will act as a battery, storing solar energy through the day, and releasing it at night through air conditioning.