Rocket Propulsion Capstone Project

Project Description:

The team's project goal is to develop a propulsion system for a level 2 high-power rocket (an impulse of 5120 newton-seconds or less). The team is developing a test stand to characterize the performance of our rocket motors throughout the design process.  The propellant will be a unique ammonium perchlorate composite propellant (APCP).

The propulsion system will go through many iterations of testing. The first being a round of small scale tests with 38mm rocket motors on the test stand. There will be a medium scale test in a 54mm motor, and finally a large scale test in a 76mm motor. The final design will be flown in NAU Rocket Club's carbon fiber rocket that was flown in the 2022-2023 First Nation's Launch Competition.

Custom APCP Propellant

The team is working towards a customized propellant optimized for attaining high-altitude flights.