Northrop Grumman Drill Arm Capstone '23-'24

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Here is all of the team's documentation. Updated on 10/18/2023.


CAD Model (Front View)  

This is a three dimenional representation of the team's current CAD model, rendered using SolidWorks 2024. Credit Russel Stringham, Daniel Cooke. For more images of the team's CAD model (WIP), please visit the Gallery.  

CAD Model (Side View) 

For more images of the team's CAD model,  please visit the Gallery.    


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About Us

Our capstone team was formed on August 29th, 2023, for the singular purpose of coming up with a solution for Northrop Grumman's capstone proposal project for a robotic drill arm capable of locating and drilling into the surface of a cylindrical object.