VR Robot



For the Summer 2023 476C session, our team was tasked with developing a VR (virtual reality) Robot out of a previous capstone project called R.U.T. (robot utility tank). The goal was to take the previous project and implement a robotic arm and complete VR controls. A product such as this has many applications. In summary, this project can be used to perform tasks in places where a human could not or should not be present. In order to achieve this, the team was given a $2500 base budget along with a list of measurable requirements to attain. The project was split into 3 areas. Area one requires the team to make improvements to the R.U.T. project. The R.U.T. project fell short of its goals mainly in terms of mobility. The team has addressed these shortcomings alongside other minor concerns. Secondly, the team needed to find a path for implementation of a robotic arm. We had the choice of improving a device on the market or developing one from scratch. Lastly, the implementation of the VR controls will tie the two mechanical components together including complete user control over both. The purpose of this report is to discuss this process in any and all detail of our first semester’s development and progress.