About the Project

The Winiecki Family has tasked our team with designing and building an off-grid solar system for their cabin in Campe Verde, Arizona. The result should be a cost effective and self suffcient PV system that should meet and exceed the family's electricity demands over the life of the system.  For the first semester, the team will be creating an energy model of the home to develop an accurate representation of the electricty demands  to scale and test the PV design. In the second half, the team will be implementing, installing and testing the system.    

Fall 2023 Update : Due to permitting delays, the project has been converted to an analytical project. To account for the lack of construction experience, the team will begin additional testing and analysis on the PV design. A structural analysis, 3-line elctircal diagram, permitting paperwork, and experimental analysis will supplement the lack of physical construction and install.

Elevator Pitch

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Our Team

Michael Horn 

Project Manager

Michael’s role throughout this project will focus on working as a team member to help delegate tasks, organize and lead meetings, develop a schedule, ensure project deliverables, and communicate with outside clients. 

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Garrett Cornelius

CAD Design Lead 

Garrett’s skills and experience will be used in constructing an electronic model of the home to test and simulate loads and optimize the photo-voltaic system

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Nicholis Santana

Logistics Manager 

Nic's role consists of making sure every task is being completed in a timely manner, keeping all documentation in order, making sure all assignments are being turned in on time, and scheduling all meetings and team events 

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Issac Granados

Test Engineer

Issac’s role is to evaluate the calculated results within the field of work and modify any changes based on external factors that are not recorded mathematically 

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Final Project Results and Documents

Check out our final report, final presentation & poster from NAU Efest 12/8/23   

Project Gallery

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Team Portfolio 

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Note: Some deliverables will not have a downloadable file  

Project Schedule


CN & ER's 


 Preliminary Report




Energy Model 


Budgets and Quotes 


Final Presentation


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Semester 1 Wrap-Up


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