Powder Coating Oven

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Project Description

This project's purpose is to design a device to operate and complete tasks intended for purposes defined by our client Professor Carson Pete. Stakeholders will be each of the members in our group in addition to the NAU (Northern Arizona University) Renewable Energy Lab. Expectations for this project are to document our process from the introduction of our selected project, the engineering design methods and processes used, and prototyping and demonstration of our final design selection.

The team will collaborate to ensure goals are set and deadlines are met to meet our project demands and expectations. In addition to consistent team cooperation, meetings with customers/clients during the design and development stages will be an essential component to ensure a final product of the highest quality is attained. Along with delivering a quality fully functional product, the team will also ensure customer needs are met while also remaining financially conscious. There will be a designation of a Financial Manager to ensure the team remains within the allocated budget. Additional roles will be distributed to each team member to aid with the various obligations and responsibilities needed.

The project assigned to this team is to design a powder-coating oven. A powder coating oven is a dry finishing process created by utilizing an electric change that will cause a dry powder to fuse to the surface. The powder will then be permanently cured to the surface of the object by baking in a high-temperature oven. The team’s goal is to design and fabricate a mobile gas-powered oven that is capable of housing both small and large parts. This oven should be capable of curing parts for the BAJA Car competitions and the renewable energy lab. This team will also work closely with the bumper capstone team to powder coat their finished capstone project.