NAU SAE Aero Micro 2022

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Project Description

Project Description

The SAE Aero Micro team is participating in the SAE Aero design competition. Specifically this team is participating in the Micro class for the competition. The focus of the team is to design and build an aircraft that can safely take off and land, while also being inline with the rules and regulations of the competition.

Since the SAE Aero team is participating in the Micro protion of the competition, there are not only different requirements for the team, but there is a entirely different course that the team will participate on. The main design differences for this competition is a limited wingspan, all eletric motor, a fixed wing, and the carried payload doesn't need to dropped on the course.

The team chose an iterative design process. Meaning that as the team began their manufacturing process they could openly made changes and adapt the design to the curren needs of the team.

Due to the iteration process and the hard work of the team, they were able to create a successful design that was able to take off, land and carry a payload safley. While the team does not plan to continue onto competition, they were able to meet the rules and requirements of the competition with minor changes.

Special Thanks

The SAE Aero Micro team would like to thank the Flagstaff Flyers for their abundant knowledge and help they gave the team through this process. The team would also like to thank Dr. David Willy for his assistance and knowledge throughout the entire process.