The goal of this project is to design and manufacture a Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that can fly 1.5X its battery powered duration

Project Information

 Renewable energy is currently surpassing gas and oil in efficiency and ROI [3]. Therefore, renewable technologies such as wind power and photovoltaic cells (solar power) are being applied to every industry. Team Sol Avem is a multidisciplinary capstone team comprised of four Mechanical Engineers and two Electrical Engineers studying out of Northern Arizona University. The goal of this capstone project was to design and manufacture an aircraft that would utilize the sun’s energy to prolong its original flight duration. We approached this problem by completing extensive research in the field of aerospace and renewable technology to aid in the design of our delta shaped, solar powered flying wing. We constructed multiple iterations, learning from each failure and applying it to the next. We conclude that a single wing aircraft with an area of 6.8 ft2 , weight of 6.1 lb. and 24 C60 solar cells integrated, can achieve one and a half times the flight only using batteries. We believe these findings could be introduced into the aerospace industry for future research. The principles can be used to survey large bodies of land with limited input or possibly be integrated with current aerospace projects. The possibilities are endless.



Mitchell Anderson

Project Lead

 Project Manager and Airfoil/Aircraft Design

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  •  Gage King

     CAD Engineer/Manufacturing and Engine/On-Board Component Selection Design


     Radley Rel

     Financial Manager and On-Board System/Solar Design


    Joel Freedman

     Logistics Manager/Test Engineer and Wing Selection/Flight Control Design


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