NASA Student Launch Competition: Payload Design Team 2022-2023

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As part of Northern Arizona University's (NAU's) Engineering Program, Mechanical Engineers Dawson Pursell, Zachary Leib-Perry, Corbin Strycker, and Daniel Waggner, in conjunction with Electrical Engineers Timothy Singleton, Jarrard Mountain, and Lane Dempsey have been given the opportunity to work alongside NAU's Rocket Club to design a payload system for the 2022/2023 NASA Student Launch Competition.

More information about these awesome people is depicted below. To learn more about the NASA Student Launch Competition, check out the Project Overview section. To see these Engineers' Design Process, check out the Design Process page. To see their finalized payload design, check out the Final Design page.

Project Members

Corbin Strycker

Mechanical Engineer

Hi! My name is Corbin, and I was the Logistics and partial Financial Manager for the NASA Student Launch Competition. I have always wanted to follow the steps to design a rocket, which made this the perfect project!

Dawson Pursell

Mechanical Engineer

Hello! Throughout this project, I was the Payload System Design Team's Lead Engineer. I utilized my time spent as a Space Systems Engineer which included two years of working on NASA high-powered rocket competitions. This payload challenge was an excellent opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team, allowing me to gain a set of new skills.

Zachary Leib-Perry

Mechanical Engineer

Hi! I’m Zack, and I was the project's Manufacturing and Testing Coordinator. I’m a massive nerd who’s always been totally obsessed with all things space, which made this project an absolute delight. During meetings when I wasn't sketching out concepts for various designs, I served as the team’s CSO (Chief Sarcasm Officer). While difficult, somebody had to do it.

Daniel Waggner

Mechanical Engineer

Hi, I'm Dan! Throughout this project, I was our Mechanical Engineering team's CAD engineer. I was also our team's website dev! Ever since I was a kid I've always been fascinated with Rocket Science. This project was a blast!

Timothy Singleton

Electrical Engineer

My name is Tim Singleton. I originally attended college for my paramedic’s degree, but changed professions at 26 to study electrical engineering. Since changing fields, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning as much as I can about designing circuits and how these circuits are implemented into a final product. Overall, I greatly enjoyed working on this project.

Lane Dempsey

Electrical Engineer

Hello, my name is Lane Dempsey! For the 2022/23 NASA Student Launch competition, I was part of the electronics and radio systems engineering design team. What made me pursue this NASA project for my Capstone project were the opportunities to explore new areas of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, allowing me to obtain a set of multidisciplinary skills for my future in engineering.

Jarrard Mountain

Electrical Engineer

Greetings! My name is Jarrard Mountain, and I was the Radio Frequency System Manager that controlled the rocket payload's onboard camera systems. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside both NAU's Rocket Club and the Mechanical Engineering Rocket Payload Design Team.

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Cheyenne Print

Graphic Designer

Cheyenne is a graphic designer out of Maricopa, AZ who generated the Rocket Club Payload Division and Rocket Club Rocket Division logos. Thanks to her, all of our documents and the tops of our webpages now have an awesome custom logo!!