Project Description

 The 2022-2023 Clot Capstone team will be manufacturing and testing synthetic thrombei. Using hydrogel/polymer materials to simulate the characteristics of human tissue in hopes to replace whole blood clots used in medical device training.

 Following is the original project description provided by the sponsor : 

“Develop a protocol for polymer synthesis in the Bioengineering Devices Lab Research existing protocols for hydrogel polymer synthesis, and whole blood clot creation 

Complete NAU BioRaft chemical and X-ray safety training 

Experiment with polymer synthesis using equipment at BDL (create soft, firm, and radiopaque clots) 

Validate consistency in the material properties by developing and standardizing mechanical testing procedures (i.e., compression, shear, Poisson’s Ratio) Write SOPs for final clot designs and mechanical testing procedures using BDL format Characterize the material properties of lab-created polymer, commercial polymer, and whole blood clots 

Complete NAU BioRaft Bloodborne Pathogens training, in addition to rheometer use testing 

Perform data analysis on all synthetic clots to determine the degree of similarity to the control (whole blood clots) 

Report all findings in a final written analysis” 

Currently, there have not been any revisions to this project description.



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