EV Moghaddam Capstone Project

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Project Description

 The purpose of this project is to design an electromechanical device which can harvest electrical energy from on-road EVs. The team is required to first investigate potential electrical energy sources which can be harvested while the car is moving on road. Then, they should design a device which can harvest, store, and use this electrical energy to charge the car batteries or be used for operating other functions in the vehicle. Team is REQUIRED to investigate all possible sources of energy to be harvested and include at least three harvesting systems into their design.   

Customer needs

• The device should not add significant weight to the car.

• The device should not add significant cost to the overall car retail price. (Max: $1000 if justified)

• The device should harvest/generate enough electricity to do a proper electrical function in the car such supplying electricity for headlights, stereo, etc.

• The device should not compromise the aesthetics of the car. If plan to install on the exterior of car, should improve the aesthetics.

• The device can be an add-on to the car so can be sold and installed separately. Great for current EVs in the market.