RGB Flow Sensor Team

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The Purpose of The rgb flow sensor

This project aims at designing and implementing a high-speed high-power pulsed RGB LED light source for a volumetric particle image velocimetry (PIV) system. This system will be used to illuminate a fluid flow for a camera to be able to detect and pick up the light refracted from particle laden fluid. This will then allow the user to be able to detect fluid velocity and motion. The purpose of the project is to develop a system utilizing LED light sources as a cheaper alternative to the traditional light sources in PIV systems, lasers. This LED matrix combines three different colors, namely red, green, and blue which will be controlled independently, using a LED controller and a function generator. The light pulses are synchronized with the camera through the TTL output of the function generator, while the delay and pulse width of the LEDs is controlled by the LED controller. The system is mounted to its own housing which contains all the wiring and cooling systems necessary for operation. This system meets specifications such as accepting a TTL input, having a minimum pulse width of 1 ┬Ás, and being able to range in frequency from 1 hz to 10 khz.