NAU Collegiate Wind Competition 2021

Collegiate Wind Competition

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) along with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) created the collegiate wind competition (CWC) to help meet the predicted increase in demand for wind energy engineers and scientists. Northern Arizona University is proud to announce their continued participation in all of the following categories of the competition: the design and testing of a micro wind turbine, the siting of a 100MW wind farm in South Dakota, and community engagement for wind power energy.


Technical Advisor

Senior Lecturer at Northern Arizona University

Micro Wind Turbine

The Micro Wind Turbine Team is developing and testing a small scale wind turbine that will be tested in Flagstaff AZ. These tests include total electrical output, minimum operation standards like cut in speed, and safety tests such as braking.

South Dakota Siting

The South Dakota Siting Team is developing a hypothetical wind farm in the Western South Dakota. It must be less than 100MW and be operable/feasible, but the team is at liberty to determine their own priorities. Our team has placed a drastic importance on cost, efficiency, environmental impact, and humanitarian benefit.

Connection Creation

The Connection Creation Team is developing connections with industry partners, and cataloging expertise in the field. This knowledge is then used to inspire local youth through community engagement such as workshops with local primary schools. The goal being to foster engagement and share knowledge for and within STEM application, while raising awareness towards environmental wellbeing.