An image of a 2D drawn plant growing

Project Description

The vertical farming project was established to create an easy to maintain indoor vertical farm that could fit into a compact area. Through individual research and planning, it was decided to use aquaponics as the farming method of choice. Using aquaponics, plants grow in flowing water instead of soil allowing less mess from soil. For the plants to obtain enough nutrients, fish are used to supply the majority of nutrients along with a nutrient blend added into the water. Using this farming method, the clients can have an aesthetically pleasing fish tank that supplies fresh food as well. While the cost of growing plants may be higher than purchasing them, clients can be sure that the plants grown are organic and as fresh as possible. Using multiple seperate plots allows the client to plant multiple different plants as well as plant at staggering times to allow multiple smaller harvests. As the water is heated and the system is kept indoors, plants can be grown year round.