Project description

Team's Capstone project is to design an improved wheelchair based on existing designs. Based on the existing product, we decided to put our focus on the brake performance of the wheelchair, the comfort degree of the calf support, the folding and telescoping leg support and the damper mechanism of the wheelchair. Every member took the responsibility on their own part and then shared their research to the whole team. We used brainstorming to come up with all kinds of possible solutions and then used scientific methods such as Morph Matrix to get our initial design, finally we used decision matrix to select the top designs of them. After that, we started to add our new ideas to the existing wheelchair design by CAD..

Team Information

Simeng Cai: Website Development

During the whole project, According to the actual progress of the team on the project, I will combine the work results of each team member to make relevant websites and decide the presentation of each work progress.At the same time, I will ensure the rationality and refinement of the website design.

Jialan Sun: Project Manager

I will record the process and achievements of our each meeting and practice in addition to recording everyone’s ideas because every team member’s ideas should be taken into account. I will also organize and analyze new information and maintain the team’s notes and documentation.Besides, as the project manager of our team, I will ensure our team has a safe and welcoming team environment based on our current situation.

Jiaxin Wang: Documents Manager

Documents Manager's responsibility is to maintain a repository of all documents, including CAD models, computer code, standards, references, and meeting minutes and agendas. Collect a part of the document and assemble it into the final document and submit the final document.

Zhenkai Xia: Budget Liaison

Budget Liaison should be responsible for all kinds of cost and budget calculations in a team. As an undergraduate student team, the team's expected cost would not be that huge. However, a professional analysis of cost and budget would benefit the whole team. Team will consider all kinds of costs as a small company does. Bill of materials is the most common approach to evaluate how things cost and pick the best materials.

Haoran Yin: Client Contact

The client contact should have good communication ability that can build a solid bridge between the client and team members. However, sometimes they can have some disagreement about the project. This position needs to make a balance between team members and Clients .What he should do is try his best to understand two sides and try his best to make all of the people happy.

Client information


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1994

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1989

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, 1994

Dr. David Trevas joined the faculty at Northern Arizona University in 2016 after working as an engineer in industries including oil & gas, electric power and medical devices. His accomplishments were in CAD automation and research and development of mechanical devices and systems serving those industries and has several patents that resulted from his work. Dr. Trevas teaches machine design and senior capstone design courses and instructs the thermal-fluids lab. Dr. Trevas founded the Arduino Club primarily to help mechanical engineers implement electronics into their work and serves as the faculty advisor. He is also co-faculty advisor of the NAU Tennis Club.