Team Members

Drew Bandhauer – Project Manager -

My name is Drew Bandhauer and I am a newly graduted Mechanical Engineer. I have taken an interest in renewable energy and renewable energy solutions since I first took interest in engineering. This project has given me an option to capitalize on these interests and reinforced them. Going forward, I hope to begin my professional career in Denver, CO, working in either renewable energy systems or HVAC and related Mechanical systems

Drake Cleveland - Document Manager and Website Developer –

My name is Drake Cleveland and I've had an interest in renewable energy since I was a little kid. My career aspirations after college include working on the inside of a power plant, and eventually help design one. Something I have taken away from my upbringing and college career is that there is always a better way to accomplish something. Because of this principle, this project really sparked for me and I was able to apply the skills and interests I've developed over my college career to a real world application.

Cole Jennings - Client Contact and Budget Liaison –

My name is Cole Jennings and I am graduating with degrees in Mechanical Engineering adn Spanish. I began working on this Capstone project as a way to get into the world of solar energy and renewable energy, This project served as a great experience for me to better understand thermodynamics and heat transfer principles in the world of solar energy. I have accepted a position as a Solar Energy Engineer at Erus Energy in Phoenix, Arizona after graduation.

Project Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Wade

Project Sponser

Jon Heitzinger

Project Advisor

Dr. Sarah Oman

Senior Capstone Instructor

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