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Project Manager
Abdalla Ahmad
Good Communication and Management Skills

Meetings Head
Abdullah Altamim
Good Social Network

Financial Manager
Mohammed alshammari
Good in Economics

Documentation Managers
Abdulrahman Ahmad
Expert in Microsoft Office

Design Engineer
Musaad Alkhaldi
Expert in SolidWorks and CAD Models

Website Developer
Saad Kandari
Expert Web development

Traffic signs play an important role in controlling the traffic and reducing the accidents happens on the highway. Traffic signals indicate which lane need to stop and which traffic lane can go, while traffic signs identify where you are heading, what are the directions to the destination, speed limits define on the signs, instructions given for the prohibited things, miles to reach the destination defines, etc. Traffic signs and signals always hang at high places like poles where it can clearly see from far distance and drivers can reduce the speed for stopping or become alert and drive carefully from that point or follow the instructions define on the signs. Traffic signs always uses sharp color which can clearly see from the long distance. With all these features, traffic signs are quite important for the motorists but as the traffic signs hangs on the highways and roads openly so after sometime sign boards become dirty because of pollution and reading the signs boards become difficult and traffic signs get dim. For that situation it is necessary to clean the sign boards after some interval to make the traffic signs clear for the drivers and keep the highways safe. The contemporary issues define by this project was to clean the traffic signs, this is the first issue, second issue is that big machines use to clean the traffic signs but they block all the traffic on that route and it keep the traveler facing lot of issues, and third issue is that the device to clean the sign board must be safe to use, so safety is another problem define in this project. The drone has designed with the pipe structure to lift up in the air and clean the sign boards using the water. Water is available through the hose and water tank placing on the ground. Reel is providing the fail safe option and roll down the drone quickly if it malfunctions.




Prototype Prototype Prototype
FINAL CAD DESIGN                             CENTRAL BOX                             BASE PIPE STRUCTURE
Prototype Prototype Prototype
BRUSH                                            CONNECTION                                            ELBOW
Prototype Prototype Prototype
SHOWERS                                            PROPELLER                                            REEL
Prototype Prototype Prototype
ROLLER                                            WHEEL                                            NUT BOLT
Prototype Prototype Prototype
PUMP                                            SQUARE PIPE                                            CONNECTOR




Final Report CAPSTONE-I


Hardware Review 1


Preliminary Report


Brush Material Analysis


Pipe Structure Analysis


Shaft Analysis


Controller Analysis


Hardware Review 2


Progress Memo I




Progress Presentation


Hose Analysis


Pipe Material Analysis


Water Pump Analysis


Meeting Minutes




Final Presentation


Final Report II



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