The goal of this project is to employ an iris design to create a stent crimper that outputs radial force and diameter. A stretch goal for this team is to automate the device so that it will not be hand actuated. A graphical user interface (GUI) for the output of radial force and diameter is also a desired feature but not required. The sponsor for this project is W.L. Gore and Associates, a medical device company, that works to improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

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Project Constraints and Requirements

  1. Device must perform like an iris
  2. Must meet ANSI an OSHA standards
  3. Diameter range of 0.5 - 30mm
  4. Length range 8- 76mm
  5. Radial Force 108 - 823 N
  6. Must be below $3,000
  7. Specified tolerances for diameter, length, and radial force
  8. GUI that recieves input and outputs both diameter and radial force

Design Alternatives

Final Design

The final device implements an iris design with a worm gear and stepper motor for actuation. A load cell is placed on the back of the stepper motor to read in force with an arduino where it is converted to radial force. The diameter and radial force of the stent is then displayed on an LCD screen.

CAD Drawings

Schedule and Budgeting

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