Client and Advisor

Dr. Tester

The Client: Dr. Tester Dr. Tester is the client for our team and oversees all of the SAE sponsored capstone projects.



Dr. Trevas

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Trevas Our faculty advisor is Dr. Trevas. He keeps our team on task and judges the deliverables that we work on.




SAE Aero Micro PlaneThis project concerns the design and creation of an airplane that fits within the SAE Aero Micro Class for the 2020 rule set. Our plane is designed to adhere to the Customer Requirements that are infered by the rule set and the client, as well as the Engineering Requirements stated specifically in the rules.

The Team


Project Manager: Andrew Van Doren Email


Document Manager: David Anaya Email


Financial Liason: Wyatt Goddard Email


Contact Liason: Frank Bendel Email


Web Developer: Samuel Harsha Email

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