NAU ME Capstone 2019
Interactive Recharging Station Team
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To develop an interactive recharging station in which the user will create the power used to power their devices, while displaying the power created.



Dr. Sarah Oman

NAU Department of Mechanical Engineering


Technical Advisor

David Trevas

NAU Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Details

The Premise of the project was to create an interactive recharging station by utilizing human power. With a donated elipitical machine the design looked to alter the main motion of the machine to harvest the kinetic energy created. The final design utilized footpedals and linear motion rails to use the existing setup, and added an interactive element also powered by the machine.


Design Development

I.R.S. Team

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Building the Device

The I.R.S. Team


  • Hassan Alqallaf

    Shaft Design & Document Manager


    My name is Hassan Alqallaf and i'm from Kuwait, I transferred from Irvine Valley College in California to flagstaff on summer of 2015 to attend NAU to study Mechanical Engineering, I hope to have a career in Automotive or Aerospace.


  • Logan Beaschler

    Web Design & Python/Arduino Programming


    I am Logan Beaschler, I transferred from a community college in central California. I am currently working at W.L. Gore and Associates as a CAD specialist and am also interning at OVRLND LLC. in an engineering capacity. I am interested in both biomedical engineering and aerospace engineering, and would like to find an engineering role in either field.


  • Gilbert Mendoza

    Project Manager & Fabrication


    I am from Beaumont, California and am a community college transfer student. I have an interest in Aerospace engineering and would love to pursue a career within that industry once I graduate.


  • Chrishell Mercado

    CAD Design & Document Manager


    I am Chrishell Mercado from Prescott Valley, Arizona. I am studying mechanical engineering and hope to graduate in fall of 2019. For the future, I wish to have a career in rocketry or aerospace.


  • Josh Gizzi

    Budget Liason & Circuit Design


    My name is Joshua Gizzi and I am from San Diego, California. I am studying to become an Electrical Engineer, after I graduate I hope to dive into the field of telecommunication. After I graduate in Fall of 2019, I plan to move back to San Diego to find a job in the telecommunication industry.


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