Low-Speed Wind Tunnel


Team Bios and resumes


Jacob Johnson

My name Jacob Johnson, I am an Arizona native, who is currently on NAU's Collegiate Wind Competition siting challenge team. This team is tasked with designign a wind power plant with in 100 miles of NAU campus. I am planning on graduating in December of 2019. I have had two summer internships wherein I gained valuable hand on experience in leadership, client communication and other important skills. In my free time I go hiking, fishing or spending time with my family.

Contact- Jacob_Johnson@nau.edu

Jacob's Resume


Daisy Liguori

My name is Daisy Liguori and I am an undergraduate mechanical engineering student at NAU. Once I graduate, I hope to work in the field of renewable energy. As an undergraduate I have geared most of my projects, research, internships, and coursework towards gaining a better understanding of renewable energy systems, seen in my resume. In my free time, I enjoy reading mysteries, playing baseball, and spending time outdoors.

Contact- DL768@nau.edu

Daisy's Resume


Landyn Frye

My name is Landyn Frye I am studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in mathematics at Northern Arizona University expected to graduate December, 2019. I have been involved with multiple teams and projects throughout my studies the most recent being designing a kinetic sculpture for the school. I enjoy dirt bike riding, working on cars, and working out. My goal is to work in the automotive or aerospace field after I graduate

Contact- LLF76@nau.edu

Landyn's Resume