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The course outcomes for ME 561: Engineering Plasticity state that students will “Use physical models to describe the plasticity behavior of materials in 2D (LO1.1, 1.3)”. The model will allow students to visualize and interact with a model which shows them the basics of plasticity theory.



Dr. Heidi Feigenbaum

NAU Department of Mechanical Engineering


Technical Advisor

David Willy

NAU Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Information

When applying a force to a material a stress is developed. In response to that stress there may be some deformation (change in shape) or strain the in that material. Stress and strain can be graphed together. Within this graph there are two main regions: the elastic region where a material may deform when a force is applied but will resume its original shape when the material is unloaded and the plastic region where deformation within the material is permanent and when the material is unloaded the effects of the stress applied will be evident. The focus here will be on the plastic region. In this region material deformation is permanent, history dependant and highly non-linear.

Plasticity Team

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Meet the Team


  • Dillon Edlund

    Website Design & CAD Modeling


    Industry experience in manufacturing and quality control. Proficiency in SOLIDWORKS and MATLAB.  Managerial experience in development and manufacturing setting.


  • Zachary Morrison

    Project Manager & Client Liaison


    Has experience working with teams, leading. Solidworks and google sketch knowledge. Good analytical and critical thinking skills used to explore all possible project outcomes and ideas.


  • Laken Yargus

    Secretary & Document Manager


    Offers creativity, technical skills, critical thinking skills, and 3-D modeling skills. Had 2 internships with FreePort McMoRan. Has a little experience in industry.


  • Stephanie Yazzie

    Budget Liaison & Document Manager


    Strengths include technical writing skills, experience in Solidworks, and project management.


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