Solar District Cup Capstone

Mechanical Engineering Team at Northern Arizona University

Project Description: The team has been tasked with assuming the roles of solar developers to design a photovoltaic solar energy and storage system for New Mexico State University that will maximize the financial offset after 20 years

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With the growing push to move towards more renewable energy resources, the need for more advancements in solar energy and storage systems is also increasing. This project intends to expose the participants to the workings of the solar energy sector and increase preparedness of new graduates into the field. 

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Meet the Mechanical Team!

Learn more about their work with panel placement, otimal incident angles, and solar irradiance profiles used in planning

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Project Status

The team has finalized the designs and battery storage and fully completed the project.

Available Campus Locations
  • Dirt Lot
  • Horseshoe Quad
  • Central Corridor

Project Client & Faculty Advisor

Dr. David Trevas

 Project Sponsors

National Renewable Energy Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy

NAU Solar District Cup

Last Revised May 04, 2020