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The Collegiate Wind Competition was created by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Laboratory (NREL) due to the predicted increase in renewable energy production. The test turbine team will create and test a small scale wind turbine to compete against the top twelve colleges in the nation. The CWC2020 NAU team will consist of a Mechanical Engineering team and two Electrical Engineering teams led by project advisors David Willy and Venkata Yaramasu.





Lucas Duncan

My name is Lucas Duncan. I am currently a senior at Northern Arizona university studying Mechanical engineering with minors in English and Mathematics. My aspirations are currently set on pursuing a career in renewable energies after I receive my Bachelors. I originally discovered my passion at a young age by deconstructing and rebuilding objects around the house. As I grew, my curiosity for the inner workings expanded from simple childish toys to complex systems and intricately detailed mechanisms. My inquiring mindset has fueled and motivated me to achieve the accomplishments I have made in life, as well as inspire me to continue my academic determination.

Ethan Maltaverne

I am a Mechanical Engineering student graduating in the class of 2020 from NAU. I have a passion for mechanical design in aerospace and the automotive industries, though my senior level project has a strong emphasis in renewable energy. On the team, I have maintained the position of budget liaison and electric motor specialist. I have 2 years of assembly operator experience working with electric motors from Electric Torque Machines, and 1 year of experience working as a student electrician for the school. I also maintain a significant background in small scale electronic maintenance involving micro-soldering and component replacement. I am seeking a mechanical engineering position on a creative and innovative team that can use my skills and creativity.

Daniel Massaglia

Hi, my name is Daniel Massaglia, I'm from San Diego, California studying Mechanical Engineering at NAU. Understanding the mechanical aspects behind cars first spiked my interest in a career in engineering but after learning about how I could make a difference in the world with the skills I've learned at NAU, I hope to pursue a career in Renewable Energy. Enjoying the outdoors in Flagstaff with both mountain bikes and dirt bikes, doing what I can to help the environment has been a growing passion of mine and one that this world needs more of.

Marina McCue

Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University interested alternative and clean energy systems and technologies, and energy consumption and storage. I have developed a strong work ethic, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills after working various jobs to support myself through college. I have experience assisting in data collection to bring a new medical device to clinical trials, using SolidWorks to create product models, and conducting energy analyses to reduce energy consumption for a National Laboratory.

Matt Mennell

My name is Matthew Mennell and I am completing my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have enjoyed improving my knowledge in hands on applications, designing and in the large amount of concepts which relate. I aspire to work within a setting where these aspects are required to complete everyday job responsibilites.

Sean Veden

I first decided to pursue my degree in Mechanical Engineering because of my passion for sustainability. My goal was to be part of the creation or discovery of a new way to make sure that the environment is not harmed by human activity. Through my college experience, I have began working with renewable energies and plan to pursue my PhD, conducting research on renewable energies, at NAU.


Jayne Sandoval

I am a student studying Mechanical Engineering and Comparative Cultural Studies with minors in Mathematics and Chinese. I come from a small community on the Navajo reservation in northern region of Arizona called Pinon. For years, the Navajo Nation's land has been taken, exploited, and destroyed to develop a power source that is not sustainable. I want to contribute to indigenous communities as a mechanical engineer, implementing renewable energy to protect against further destruction of our sacred homelands.

Toren Schurb

I chose my pursuit in Mechanical Engineering because I believe that it would bring me a greater understanding of how the world around me functioned. This idea continues to stay true. When I was in high school, I had spent my four years on the local robotics team. There, we made it to a renowned world championship three of the four years. This fascination carried with me to Northern Arizona University in the form of a Mechanical Engineering degree. Now I wish to use what I know to keep the world moving, innovating and refining technologies that we possess and making them more accessible, such as renewable energies.           

Rachel Watanabe

My name is Rachel Watanabe, and I am currently a Senior at Northern Arizona University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business. During my Freshman and Sophomore years in high school, I was part of Girl Scouts of Hawaii’s International Space Station (ISS) Team designing and building a hydroponic system the size of a stick of butter operating independently on the ISS for a month. By being a part of Girl Scouts of Hawaii’s ISS Team, it sparked my passion for sustainability and desire to pursue a career in engineering. The ISS project also provided me experience in engineering, teamwork, leadership, the design process, and project planning. Ultimately I aspire to work at a job that sustainably benefits society and the environment.