Portable Medical Bench

Aneuvas Technologies, Inc.

Aneuvas Technologies Inc. is a small start-up medical company located in Flagstaff, Arizona that focuses on improving human healthcare through novel microcatheter-based medical devices for delivery to the blood vessels in the brain, specifically for treatment of aneurysms and other vascular defects. This project is a portable bench to support, protect, and transport the delicate blood flow model of the brain. The bench combines with a cleanroom hood for a sanitary and safe working environment. The objectives of the project include designing a bench capable of having minimal x-ray interference through the countertop surface, strong enough to hold the experimental setup along with the hood, and featuring spill prevention, shock absorption for safe transport, and adequate storage space underneath for storing accessories.

Dr. Becker


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Website : Bioengineering Devices Lab

Phone : 928-523-1468

Office : Engineering Building, Room 203

Hunter Daniel

Logistics Manager and Manufacturing Engineer

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Katherine Riffle

Test Engineer and CAD Engineer

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Kenyon Rowley

Project Manager and Financial Manager

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