Project Overview

“The Dynamic and Active Systems Lab is currently developing an unmanned aerial vehicle for use in tracking small wildlife using VHF radio beacon tags. The project team would like to be able to move the VHF receiving antenna on the UAV in flight. Students on this project will build a gimbal system that can rotate an antennal about a single axis continually or to a specified angle. Communication will be maintained to a flight computer which will send commands and receive angle position information from the subsystem. Detailed requirements regarding size, weight, power, communication, etc. will be determined in the early stages of the project. The ideal team would consist of two mechanical and two electrical engineering students.”

Current Status

We enjoyed being able to present our device at UGRADS (Undergraduate Research And Design Symposium). We were able to talk with many people while there and were given a chance to present our project as well. We've also been able to meet with our client and present our completed system. While meeting with our client who was enthusiastic about our system, we discussed and provided input on future changes that could be made to facilitate the final integration of our system to the UAV.



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