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Fully functioning turbo-fan jet engine demo

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About us

Who We Are

Thermo Demo Unit is a team of higly elite engineers on Northern Arizona University's campus. We were tasked with creating a jet engine to help Thermodynamics students understand the Brayton cycle.

Our client is David Willy and professor of Thermodynamics at NAU.

What We Do

We are creating a turbo-fan engine that demonstrates the Brayton cycle. This unit has an aluminum mount that will measure a thrust force from a canitlever beam deflection using strain guages.

  • Once the building is complete the team will demonstrate the unit to thermo two studetns

Our Requirments

Data Collection

The unit needs to have thrust and mass flow rate collection systems.

Easy Set-up

Easily rolled into a class room with almost no set-up needed.

3D Printed

Turb-fan, turbine, and compressor fans completely 3D printed.


The system will last serveral years with little or no maintenance

Classroom Tool

When used in the classroom students can use the data collection to work real calculations.

Low Noise Interference

Noise reduction for the compressed air tank, in order to hear the engine.

Brayton Cycle

Will demonstrate the brayton cycle well enough for students to fully understand the class material

No Exhaust

The unit will completely run on compressed air without combustion.

Our Portfolio

Below shows the teams current desgin of the demo unit. The deisgn utilizes compressed air in place of combustion, after the 4 compressor fans.

Meet the team

Thermo Demo Unit has compiled the most elite mechanical engineers on campus to create innovation.

Isaac Keene

Web and CAD Designer

Adrew Robinson

Measurements Expert and Budget Manager

Adam Wedell

Team Lead

Jeremy Tilden



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Have any questions? Contact us here or send us a message and we wil get back to you!

2112 S Huffer Ln,

Flagstaff, AZ 86011


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