Project Descritption:

This is an educated local project that helps both Dr.Feigenbaum and her students who are taking plasticity advanced classes. We are going to build a box on different surfaces and attach that box with a free springs and other springs are connected to a fixed frame to explain for the students the behaviors of the elasticity theory. The design should be a desktop sized, small enough to bestored in her office, and seen in the classroom of 20 students as well as easy to carry with no extra help. The physical model will be controlled by the student when applying tension (pull) orcompression (push) on the spring. After that, the student should get an immediate output graphs for the forces (u,v) vs displacement in both x & y directions.

Final codes done through Arduino-UNO can be found in the link (click-here)

Clinet Information:

Dr. Heidi P. Feigenbaum

Phone:   928-523-5326
Mail:      PO Box 15600 
              Flagstaff, AZ 86011 
Office:    Room 201, Building 69