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BDL Particulate Characterization

The Bioengineering Devices Lab (BDL) at NAU focuses on biomedical devices and biomaterials for the treatment of brain aneurysms, which are abnormal enlargements in a weakened vessel. Current research includes optimization of a new biomaterial (PPODA-QT) for the endovascular treatment of aneurysms in order to significantly increase therapeutic effectiveness while minimizing surgical risks.

The scope of this project is to design, build, and validate a replicable method for characterizing microscopic particles potentially shed during aneurysm treatment. A flow loop system has already been developed to perform mock device development surgeries. While these surgeries are being performed, we need a reliable method to capture or otherwise measure the size and number of particles being released, if any. This is an essential test to prove device safety in the medical device field and must be incorporated into our existing flow loop system.

Overall Requirements:
1. Develop, justify, and document a system capable of the following (not limited to):
 •Quantify size of particles >10μm
 • Count number of particles >10μm and >25μm
 • Prevent outside contamination for up to three weeks
 • Validation of test method
 • Work within medical device industry quality requirements
2. Understand particulate analysis via surface imaging and suspended particle methods
3. Document equipment requirements, model setup, and analysis process