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Updates: 5/9/2018

UGRADS was a success! The team met with Orbital for a final presentation and debrief. All the final documents, CAD package, and UGRADS documents have been added to the Documents page.


Updates: 4/6/2018

Big thanks to Arizona Sun Supply for providing the weatherproofing material for this project!


Updates: 3/23/2018

Gallery works! Site is changed over now! New pictures! New documents! Videos might work again soon.


Updates: 3/20/2018

Fixed the Navigation Bar and the NAU logo. Test version of the Gallery is looking ok, headed here when popup windows with images/video work correctly. Most other pages have been converted to the current layout but aren't live yet.


Updates: 3/18/2018

Site layout is changing over. Gallery will be operational soon.


Updates: 1/23/2018

Our setup videos work now! The current layout is actually kind of difficult to work with. The site will be getting upgraded soon to better present content!


Updates: 1/17/2018

While trying to resolve the autoplay issue I broke the Gallery. Redoing it so the layout is better and the html is easier to work with in the future...


Updates: 12/29/2017

Everything is broken Fixed it. Removed Test panel on the main page! Meeting Minutes up to date! Videos still autoplay for unknown reasons!


Updates: 12/10/2017

More meeting minutes! Test videos in Gallery! Team picture in About the Team section! Team Charter released!


Updates: 11/13/2017

Added document links for meeting minutes! Other pages are back up! Minor changes all over. Secret link actually a secret now! About The Team page actually has content now!


Updates: 11/7/2017

Added this fancey content panel! Trying it out in the Gallery section as well. Images resize with their containers now! Everything is italicized for some reason! Probably staying that way.


Updates: 11/6/2017

Testing: NAU visual theme! Link bar not functional works again! Better logos with transparency! Layout changes with screen resizing! Semi-mobile-friendly! Most actual functionality temporarily removed Some functionality restored, while supplies last!


Updates: 10/31/2017

Testing: NAU colors! Link bar! Early 2000's level functionality! Gallery! About Page!

Updates: 10/13/2017

Website launched. Work in progress...