Project Background

The Collegiate Wind Competition is a three-day event which plays host to 12 or more engineering programs each year in a structured competition format. The competition showcases each program's ability to deliver a power-producing wind turbine. Our team will be the fifth wind team to represent NAU.


School Background

Northern Arizona University is host to approximately 40,000 students in Flagstaff, Arizona. At the base of the San Francisco peaks, Flagstaff is located 7,400 ft above sea level.


Competition Background

Collegiate Wind Competion - will be hosted in US Department of Energy.
Held in Boulder, CO for the 2019 competition.
Fifth team representing NAU at the competition.




Our Team

Riley Sinek

Project Manager

Riley is from Flagstaff, Arizona. He enjoys golfing and spending time with family in his spare time. He is 21 years old and appreciates growing up in such a clean and fun town. The reason he is on the wind turbne is because he has strong interests in renewable energy and inching closer to sustainable living each day.Riley would like to continue working with his interests in the professional world.

Tanner Lehr

Client Contact

Tanner is from San Diego, CA and enjoys hiking, running, ice hockey, video games, and 3D printing. He is 21 years and was grateful to grow up in a city where the weather is nice year round. What led him to Northern Arizona University was the four seasons and the great outdoors. Tanner is on the Wind Turbine team because he wants to make the world cleaner by converting most of the worlds power to renewable energy. In the future he can see himself continuing to work in this field.

Faisal Alrashidi

Budget Liaison

My name is Faisal Alrashidi. My high school was Anas Bin Malek on Kuwait. When I finished the secondary I traveled to the United States of America to complete my studies for the university. I studied the language in University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL then I transferred to California State University / Pomona. I continue my studying in Boise State University for two years then I transferred to Northern Arizona University. My favorite hobby is playing football.

Naser Alrashidi

Document Manager

Naser Alrashidi is from Kuwait . He is 22 years old . He is mechanical engineering students at NAU. He is international students in united state since 2014 . His favorite hobbies are swimming and travelling different place and cooking. He is very interested about wind turbines because he wants to have a wind turbines in his country.

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