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Project Description

    Shopping can be very difficult when does not have a good carrier. For example, moving from one location to the next with large bulky luggage can be very difficult. Apartments also pose a challenge when shopping in large amounts owing to the need to climb through flights of stairs. Elevators make the challenge easier to handle but, most apartments have no elevators meaning that there is need to find a carrier that makes work easier especially for persons with backaches, possible, injuries, and unable to carry a lot of load at the same time. Carrying big loads contributes to health and safety issue especially for senior citizens. Shopping bags do not pose the only challenge, there is garbage disposal which also presents the same challenge of carrying items down stairs. Therefore, the design of the carrier needs to consider the multipurpose functionality while at the same time, not be easily contaminated. The concept of a portable carrier is to create a carrier that makes work easier regardless of the task.

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Saleh Alotaibi

Project Manager / Client Contact Sfa46@nau.edu

Ahmad Almutairi

Budget Liaison Ana364@nau.edu

Abdullah Alfaraj

Document Manager Aa3472@nau.edu

Abdalaziz Alhelfy

Web developer Aaa845@nau.edu

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David Alexander Trevas, PHD

Technical Advisor David.trevas@nau.edu

Hesam Moghaddam, PHD

Client Hesam.moghaddam@nau.edu


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