NAU Fan Flyer Team

NAU Mechanical Engineering Fan Flyer Capstone Team

Last Updated: 10-4-2018

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Project Desription

The team is tasked with designing and analyzing a steel tube frame to support the fan ducts, engine and pilot seat loads. The team will be using the program Ansyssto perform FEA analysis on the designed shafts. These analysis will be checked by using closed-form solutions for reference to the FEA analysis. Our design will beused in NovaKinetic's final design to compete in the Boeing sponsored competition, GoFly.



Jim Corning is the CEO of NovaKinetics and is the sponsor of our project. His contact information can be found below.

Email: | Office Number: 928-853-8070 | Company Website:

Technical Advisor

The technical advisor overseeing our progress is Dr. David Trevas. His contact information can be found below.