Project Description

In 2011 Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and Resort located in Williams, Arizon installed a solar collection array consisting of 252 SR-20 rooftop mounted flat panels covering 5,040 square feet of accumulated roof area. This system was designed to preheat domestic hot water prior to delivery our boilers and have a potential capacity of 1,006,100,000 Btu heating with the equivalent to an annual savings of 291,500 kWh annually. The Resort which designed to preheat domestic hot water prior deliver to the boilers. The team would like to help analyze the installation by provide a proposed plan of solutions. It seems that there is leakings in the system and the team works on analysis process by: confirming that all equipment was installed in accordance with the design documentation,confirm the operating level of the system as compared to the performance evaluation provided by the installation contractor, provide a proposed plan of recommended solutions for review and approval, and provide hands-on labor to make corrections or system adjustments to improve the systems performance. Based on testing and research, the team concludes that PV solar system is the ideal solution where 20 year savings is about $528,000 for 189.4kW system which equivalent to 11 years of electricity bills.

Client: Paul R. Davila.


Phone: 928-635-4010.