Pacific Garbage Patch

Cleaning our oceans!


About our project

After the testing the solar panel, we received 16.8 volts which is sufficient to charge the battery.
3D printed mechanism contains two gear sets and a shaft to faciliate the rotation of the grabber.
Arduino based camera system allows us to take pictures every minute.
The RC boat includes support structures to hold the platform on top.


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Solar Cells

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Gearbox mounted on the RC Boat

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Solar panel mounted on the platform

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Clips on the backside of the platform which are designed to hold the support structures

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Camera mount

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CAD Model

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Arduino & Camera Setup

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Initial Design of gears and shaft

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DC Gear Motor

Our Team

Northern Arizona University/College of Engineering and Informatics.

Jake Goodman

Document Manager

Salman Alotaibi

Web Designer

Stephen Sauder

Project Manager

Nader Alajmi

Client Contact

Mohammad Alajmi

Budget Liasion