SAE Aero Design Micro Class - Northern Arizona University - Fall 2018 Team 18 - Flapjacks #329

Project Summary

The SAE Aero Micro team representing Northern Arizona University plans to create a radio controlled aicraft with 1 motor and basic aircraft geometry. The team plans to place in the top 50th percentile at the SAE Aero West Competition in April.

Aircraft Characteristics:

  • 1 Motor with 7"x3.5" Propellor
  • Clark Y Airfoil
  • Ailerons, Elevator, and Rudder
  • 30" Wing with a 4" Chord Length
  • Modular Components

Our Sponsors and Advisor

Sponsors: Northern Arizona University, Quality Vans and Special Vehicles and Progressive Trailers, Coconino High School Engineering Group, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Client and Technical Advisor: Dr. John Tester