Smart Helmet

Project Purpose

Analyze and prevent head injuries that occurs in sports by having a system that can detect an incoming impact and safely protect the player's head from any career ending injuries.


Sponsor: Northern Arizona University

Client: Dr. Hesam Moghaddam

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Trevas


The Smart Helmet team would like to thank those who assisted us during our capstone project. The College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences at Northern Arizona University for funding the team. The capstone instructor, Dr. David Trevas, who assisted the team and gave constructive criticism to the ideas and how the team went about the project throughout the school year. The capstone's TA, Brandon Begay, for guidance and evaluation on the team's assignments. The Arduino Club who taught the team to program using Arduino. The team would like to acknowledge our client, Dr. Hesam Moghaddam, for allowing the team to work on his project and providing feedback to the team.

From Left to Right: Omar, Mana, Dr. Trevas, Race, Titus, and Fares





Last Updated: May 7, 2019