Rube Goldberg project

FALL 2018 - Spring 2019

What is Rube Goldberg machine?
    A machine that has a series of simple devices to achieve a final function.
We are aiming to create a reliable and resettable steps to use create an easy to follow and enjoyable machine.
Sponsored by: Dr. David Trevas and NAU

Contact Information

Email : To be given at a later date

Address : Flagstaff, Arizona

About the team members

Amy Downhill

Project Manager

Amy is a very detail-oriented hard worker who is excited to work with the team towards the final Rube Goldberg machine product

Abdulrahman Almutairi

Client contact

Abdulrahman Almutairi is a Mechanical Engineering student. He is responsible for contacting the client. He has ISTJ personality type and is good at using Solid Work and CATIA.

Angelo Cencioso

Equipment Manager

Angelo Cencioso is currently studying mechanical engineering at Northern Arizona University. His area of expertise is design, which will assist in making the chain reaction machine aesthetically pleasing.

Alivia Tongate

Website Developer

Alivia Tongate is a mechanical engineering student in their final year of school. They enjoy organizing and incorporating thier creativity into design and build projects.

Hamad Almerri

Budget Lisison

Hamad Almarri is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been selected to handle the budget due to my social skills and professional attitude. The group believes it would help in managing the costs of the material needed in building the project. He will be in charge of communicating with the front desk and organizing purchase orders.

Nahar Alotaibi

Documents Manager

Nahar Alotaibi is a major is Mechanical Engineering. He likes work with machines which have gears and other unique mechanisms.