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We are the Northern Arizona University Sea-Level Enclosure Capstone Team. The goal of the project was to design and build an enclosure that will meet the needs of our stakeholder, Andy Johns, the head coach of the NAU womens swimming and diving team. The focus was for the enclosure to cover 1 lane of a pool in the NAU Aquatic center, roughly 77 ft long and 17 feet wide, to help train the swim team. The enclosure will be oxygenated to mimic sea-level conditions by a 3rd party company. The enclosure was required to be see through, compact, and have less than a 30 minute assembly/dissassembly time. Furthermore, we aimed to create a design that was cost effective and versatile so that other atheletes can use it for training and recovery.

Throughout this project, our members learned how to work in an industry like environment by meeting deadlines, customer requirements, and understanding how to present information professionally. We also learned how to better manufacture and test iterations of products. This experience allowed us to further our understanding of atmospheric conditions, clean rooms, and general production procedures.

NAU will benefit from this sea-level enclosure allowing athletes to be able to train and recover in a sea-level like environment. Working within a sea-level environment decreases recovery time and allows athletes to acclimate to higher oxygen levels. In addition, the enclosure has the potential to benefit people with altitude sickness, medical community, and can be used for sea-level testing of various projects.  

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