The Sumo 3kg (R/C and auton) is a competition that is organized by the RoboGames. Teams are required to construct a robot for each of the classes they want to participate in. Northern Arizona University wants to replicate this competition for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Teams that are participating in the school’s version of the competition will follow the rules and restrictions that originally with the RoboGames. The following table shows the engineering requirements that were derived from the rules on the RoboGames website.



In sumo wrestling, there are two individuals who face each other within the dohyo, a circular ring, with the goal of pushing each other off the ring. For this project, matches will follow the same rules of a sumo wrestling. The objective of this competition is for robots to push each other out of the arena. The competition will be held within the university and will be competing with other students. Each match will have three rounds each within three minutes. A team wins a round either by pushing the other robot off. All the teams will be participating in the mega/humanoid class which consist of a remote-controlled robot and an autonomous robot.
Another requirement for the project was to pick an event from ROBOGAMES. From the website, the team chose to do the “ArtBot – Bartending”. The minimum that is required for this robot is it needs to prepare any mixed drink with one mixer and spirit. Following the competition, there are objectives that must be met. The following requirements are: aesthetics, style, delivery, and versatility.


  • Build functional bots
  • (R/C) be fully controlled by a radio controll
  • (Autonomous) Have a five second delay and controlled by code and sensors, no user.
  • (ArtBot) Have style and catch attention
  • (R/C & Auto) Push the opponent out of the ring