My name is Jose Villegas. I am a student at Northern Arizona University studying Mechanical Engineering and double minoring in Electrical Engineering and Math. I am very hands on and it is the main reason I wanted to study Engineering. I enjoy disassembling my devices to fill my curiosity of the design and how it works. Having an electrical background is good for a Mechanical Engineer as it makes a person more well rounded in the workplace. I also wanted to minor in electrical engineering as the electrical concept interests me and think a basic concept in this world is needed as a lot of manufactured objects contain some sort of electrical component. Cars and machines are something I am very interested in and want work in a workplace who specializes in those. Participating in the SumoBot project for capstone this year, I can use both my mechanical and electrical skills to succeed. Manufacturing the bot and making sure the components work properly will not be an easy tasks but will all be worth it once completed and an experience.