Ultra Light Solar Aircraft (ULSA)

The ULSA project was created in response to the lost opportunity to participate in the SAE Aero Regular Class competition. The team, MACH6, instead opted to expand on the preexisting parameters set forth by SAE Aero, and create a fully self-sustaining aircraft.

MACH6 is working out of Flagstaff, AZ for the duration of the 2016-2017 school year.

Client: Dr. David Trevas
E: david.trevas@nau.edu



Below is the video from the Northern Arizona University Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium

showing the design, build, and construction of the Ultra-Light Solar Aircraft: HELIOS


See us on NAZ Today:

Northern Arizona University | Mechanical Engineering Capstone 2016 - 2017

Project Description

The objective of the ULSA project was to design and create a radio controlled (RC) plane that could maintain a fully self-sustained flight, powered by photovoltaic solar cells.

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The ULSA Project captured both the Engineering and Customer Requirements that were fulfilled for the duration of the project.

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Final Design

Side-by-side comparisons of the final build with the SolidWorks model and explanations for changes made during the flight test.

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