Lerner Exoskeleton I

The Biomechatronics Lab uses robotic exoskeletons to improve walking biomechanics in individuals with neuromuscular disorders. Powerful motors and transmission systems act to provide assistance at the knee and ankle joints.

The goal of this project is to design an adjustable system that mounts the exoskeleton’s mechanical components to the lower-extremity for people between (13-75) ages. The client, Dr. Zach Lerner is the director on NAU's biomechatronics lab; his goal is to help the people with neuromuscular disorders to be able to walk again. The team motivation is to help these people to be able to live their normal life with the surrounding society.



Dr. Zach Lerner

Director of NAU's Biomechatronics Lab.

Contact: zachary.lerner@nau.edu


Technical Advisor:

Dr. Sarah Oman


Mechanical Engineering

Contact: Sarah.Oman@nau.edu