DIY In-Home Anti-Gravity Harness

The goal of this project will be to design and fabricate a Do-It-Yourself in-home gravity balancing harness system that parents of children with movement disabilities can build with limited resources.

This project seeks to formulate a solution to the limited mobility of disabled children by designing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) anti-gravity balancing system. The sponsor, Dr. Kyle Winfree, is part of the Informatics and Computing division of NAU that aims to create wearable systems that aid everyday life. The project seeks to be DIY to assist parents of disabled children who may be limited by time, money, or training when it comes to improving the socialization of their kids. To fully complete the capstone project, the team will create a device that reduces the body weight of disabled children, allowing them to interact with the world around them, without requiring an advanced degree in engineering or physical therapy for the parents.


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