HozhoniArt B

Project Description

The Hozhoni Foundation in Flagstaff, AZ has an extensive art program with a large studio for clients to work in various media (paint, clay, weaving, etc.). The Art Program provides a therapeutic outlet for its clients with disabilities. This capstone team will determine their project scope and goal by interacting with these clients and interviewing the staff and instructors at the program. The customer needs and importance will be determined from those interviews and approved by Dr. Oman before proceeding with the project. This project gives the team the unique opportunity to shape the nature and scope of what they will be working on for the next two semesters.

Several of this coming year’s capstone design projects will focus on assistive devices for people with disabilities. The Hozhoni Foundation is a local Non-Profit Agency (NPA) in our area that specifically provide work opportunities for people with disabilities. W. L. Gore and Associates (a global engineering company with local offices) will be funding the projects. When working with NPAs that assist people with disabilities, students gained a lot of experience campaigning for the rights of people with disabilities and adding awareness to the importance of assistive devices. Projects such as these give students invaluable experience as they learn how to work with people with mental and physical disabilities and learn to design for unique situations. These devices will not be automated as that reduces the interaction and activity that the Hozhoni clients desire.