Hozhoni Art Gallery Team A


The result of this project is an assistive device to help people with disabilities create art. The objective of the project is to provide a system to meet the needs of the artists at the Hozhoni Art Gallery. This project is of interest because it positively impacts the lives of those hindered by disabilities. Completing this project benefits the welfare of the public, which is an important code of ethics for the engineering department. This project benefits the Hozhoni advisers financially and the artists spiritually. It enables the artist to produce higher quality works with increased efficacy, as well as letting them know that people care about them and their skills. This boost in artist morale will result in improving the quality of their work, thereby allowing the Hozhoni Art Gallery to receive bolstered financial and reputational benefits. People with different disabilities have difficulty using regular tools easily and safely; by providing them with the right tools, we can help the artists at Hozhoni show the world how creative they are without limitations. The resultant product of this project should be a system that will provide a work surface that is wheelchair accessible and can provide a work surface for clients with limited mobility.


What is Hozhoni Art Gallery?

Hozhoni Art Gallery is the art center that is found by Hozhoni foundation which is a non-profit foundation locatede at Flagstaff and supported by Flagstaff city and AZ tribes. The Art Gallery provides art advisors who help artists with disabilities to achive a high quality art productions.

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Team Mission:

Design an assistive device to help people with disabilities to do art.

Team Goal:

Provide a system to meet the needs of the artists at Hozhoni.

Team Sponsered By:

College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS)


Team Advisor:

Dr. Sarah Oman

Mechanical Engineering

Phone: 928-523-0468

E-mail: Sarah.Oman@nau.edu