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Project Description

Children with limited mobility often do not receive the much needed exposure to socialization to appropriately cognitively develop. Existing research shows that enabling young children with self-control of their own environment can have meaningful impacts on the long term outcomes given such impairments as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. The Go Baby Go (GBG) project that started at the University of Delaware has developed a set of DIY cars for families with children with mobility restrictions. These cars have been designed on commercially available ride on toy car platforms (like Power Wheels) and have been deployed worldwide by the GBG team. These cars have shown to be a cost-effective means of enabling young children to move and interact with their peers.

Team Goal

The goal of this project will be to design and build a new version of the GBG retrofits – specifically to design a universal control for children that extremely limited mobility of their arms and/or legs.

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Sponser/client and Techinical advisor :

NAU ME Dept. & W.L. Gore and Associates

Dr.Sarah Oman