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In Vitro Tube Model Capstone

Project Description

The scope of this project is to design, build, and test a replicable system for simulating vascular defects, such as aneurysms, using non-biologic materials. This system will model the vascular defect as well as allow for the testing of bioengineering devices to repair said defects. The system must be contained on a mobile platform for transportation to fluoroscopy.

Team Members

Connor Gonzalez - Project Manager

Amy Swartz - Website Developer

Grant Bartholme - Budget Liason

Kayla Goodrich - Document Manager

Anne Marie Holter - Secretary

William Merritt - Client Contact


Project Sponsor: Dr. Becker

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Becker

Sponsor Mentor: Dr. Becker

Instructor: Dr. Trevas



Northern Arizona University
College of Engineering , Forestry, and Natural Sciences
Dr. David Trevas, Dr. Sarah Oman, and David Willey
Dr. Becker and the Bioengineering Devices Laboratory
Trevor Cotter
Thomas Cothrun and 498C Shop
Aneuvas Technologies, Incorporated

Funding provided by NIH STTR collaborative grant (1 R41 NS097069-01A1) between the BDL and Aneuvas Technologies and NAU Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF) - Research Development Grant (RDG).