Hello, We've Built A Model Of The Circle Of Willis

Because we like doing fun things like that and such.

The goal of this project was to design and construct an anatomically correct in-vitro model of the circle of Willis for the purpose of testing intravenous catheters to treat aneurysms. Additional goals within the purview of this project was the construction of a testing peripheral platform compatible with a Discovery HR-2 hybrid rheometer to quantify physical properties and dimensions of the model such as frictional coefficients and force values. The secondary objective was to construct a mobile cart to contain the circle of Willis model, centrifugal artificial blood pump, artificial blood reservoir, data acquisition interface, integrated computer, and an uninterruptible power supply battery backup to allow the transportation of the model and peripherals while in operation. Research had been conducted concerning mechanical and dynamic properties of the circle of Willis, modeling and molding techniques of biological systems, along with suitable materials to mimic biological material properties. The model simulates endothelial cell wall friction coefficients, elasticity coefficients, the circle of Willis dimensions, average human resting blood pressure, and volumetric flow rates.

Things We've Accomplished And Succeeded In

So much has been done. Here is some insight into our achievements.

  • Research physiological properties of the carotid artery
  • Research modeling and molding materials with suitable materials
  • Meetings with team client to finalize project requirements
  • Written a finalized proposal report
  • Finalized project design and approach
  • Fabricate testing peripherals
  • Acquired CAD file of circle of Willis MRI
  • Developed Solidworks CAD file of generic circle of Willis
  • 3D Printed circle of Willis in Polyvinyl alcohol
  • Cast 3D print within Polyurethane mold
  • Dissolved out 3D print to leave empty cavity of circle of Willis
  • Integrate model with cart system and fluid pump
  • Further developed team website for awesomeness
  • Hung out and gabbed...alot

Pictures Of The Project

Photographical evidence of stuff in case you really wanted to see it? Maybe? Potentially? Yeah...

MRI of the Circle of Willis

We obtained a CAD file of a circle of Willis MRI and referenced it to produce the angles of our own CAD file. The MRI was a good reference but it needed to be smoother for the print and our client.

Smooth CAD of Circle of Willis

From the obtained CAD file and peer reviewed medical journals, we produced a smooth CAD file of the circle of Willis that made molding more effective and accurate. By creating our own CAD file, it also ensured that our 3D print of the artery system would be successful in Polyvinyl alcohol.

Prototype of Model

The team printed the circle of Willis in Polyvinyl alcohol and placed it within Polyurethane. After the Polyurethane solidified, we drilled into the mold to expose the entrances of the circle of Willis Polyvinyl alcohol print. By placing the model in boiling water, the agitating water dissolved the Polyvinyl alcohol leaving a void with the shape and dimensions of the circle of Willis.

Final Assembly

As the ultimate goal of the project is the fabrication of a model that would simulate the circle of Willis, a setup is necessary to test the firctional values of the model. Fortunately, our project client has a force rheometer that we can use to validate the project. We designed and fabricated a component that we can add onto the rheometer for redirecting a catherty into the model. A cart was assembled with tubes flowing artificial blood along with a pulsatile pump. The final assembly is presented in the picture to the left.

The Team

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. - Tyunosuke Satoro

Bradley Backus

Team Project Manager
Biology Expertise
Material Science Lead
Man With The Plan

Kyle Davis

Team Budget Liaison
Manufacturing Lead
Chill Public Speaker

David Despars

Website Developer
Computer Expertise
Testing Apparatus
Guy That Sits Behind A Screen

Chrisotpher Prodan

Contact Liaison
Nice Guy That Talks To People